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My Trip to Paris

In 30th September 2017, my first adventure to Europe started. I chose France, Paris for my first visiting place in Europe because I wanted to see through my eyes the city of arts and gourmets and visit my friends. The first day of my adventure, I joined a local home party. Actually, it was my first join to western style “Home party”. It was really precious and fascinating opportunities to feel local people’s mood and lifestyle. That’s one reason why I love traveling.

I will introduce the two famous landmarks you should not miss them in Paris.

The first landmark is the world’s most famous museum Louvre Museum. If you want to enjoy this huge and historical museum completely, I recommend you visiting there least for three days. You can see the true arts of all over the world and get knowledge of the world’s arts. I tried to find one of the most famous paintings "Mona Liza", but the museum was huge so I was a little bit worried. However there were many signs for guiding you to Mona Liza in the museum, so you can meet the world’s most famous woman soon. If you are hungry during seeing exhibitions, don’t worry, there are some café in the museum.

In addition, don’t miss to see the Arc de Triomphe. The most famous symbol of France would make you feel you are in Paris. I think most Japanese people don’t know about the meaning of Arc de Triomphe. Arc de Triomphe was built by Napoléon Bonaparte for celebrating his victory of Battle of Austerlitz. Now there are many plates of war memorials are under the arc. I found the unknown soldier's plate and some local people put flowers on it. I was really impressed that the arc was not only the symbol of France but the memory of the history of France.

During my stay in Paris, I saw much architecture and enjoyed local foods. Especially Foie gras was great! I ate it for the first time, and I ate at a local cozy restaurant near Notre Dame.

Of cause, there are other many things that you should see and eat in Paris, but I recommend you to go to Paris anyway then you can enjoy them your eyes and tongue directly.

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